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Welcome to ABE Education Purchase VIC Owner Builder Course

We are now offering the Victoria Owner Builder Course.

A White card is a pre requisite before commencing our owner-builder course.

**The white card course can be purchased ($58) with the owner builder course during enrolment.


ABE Education is an accredited provider of construction industry training programs specialising in owner builder courses, construction safety and the continuing professional development of building professionals (CPD).

All ABE courses have been designed and built with comprehensive and collaborative industry engagement and represent current best practice in the construction sector.

Our courses are hosted on an award winning online platform and our goal is to provide you with a flexible training program that gets you the training you need when and where you need it 24/7.

Terms and Conditions

Worksafe VIC legislation states that when your project becomes a workplace due to one or more subcontractors being engaged to do construction work, and the owner builder does construction work while it is a workplace, owner builders are required to complete Construction Induction or White Card training.

Failure to do so can result in a max fine of $12,500.

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